Preparing the Lincoln Highway Marker for Transport

Acquired by the Nevada Chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association in 2016, the 1928 concrete marker is being prepared for installation and display in Reno along East 4th Street (old alignment of the Lincoln Highway becoming US 40). Tom and Connie Davis volunteered to store the monument at their home until funds and plans could be generated to find a permanent home for the marker. These photographs by Connie document the creation of a protective crate to facilitate the move of the eight-foot marker.

From Iowa State University: “As part of the last promotional activity of the Lincoln Highway Association, groups of Boy Scouts placed almost 3,000 concrete markers along the Lincoln Highway route to officially mark and dedicate it to the memory of Abraham Lincoln. The markers, . . . ., were placed September 1, 1928 at 9 AM simultaneously across the route. Only a few markers remain on the more than 3,000 mile length of the route.”

Tom building a box to protect the authentic 1928 Lincoln Highway concrete Marker. The box will prevent the Marker from flexing where it is cracked at the head during transport.

The Marker rests on blocks with the box below.

Tom with his friend Joe loading the marker secured in the crate into the pickup truck.

Unloading the Marker at Scott’s house using metal pipe handles Tom had inserted through the box.

Being ever so careful during the unloading process.

Scott, the contractor for the repair and installation of the marker, along with Tom and Joe putting the box on two dollies.

Tom slipping one of the dollies under the box.

Scott and Tom discussing possible preservation techniques.

Three guys (all fingers accounted for) and the Marker.

Success!! Well done Tom!

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